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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  August 19, 2014 3:00pm-3:31pm PDT

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into hello, everybody, i'm beth troutman, brand-new week and we have brand-new videos from the web "right this minute." a river wines its way to the ocean. >> fresh lava that you're looking at. >> the story behind the scene of beautiful danger. >> everything you do, i can do it better. >> like doing the ice challenge before getting paid. >> can you get electrocuted? >> we'll go that, gayle, good question. >> see how phoenix jones takes one for the team. >> you're a big girl now. you don't need it anymore.
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>> ingenious way to help a little girl get rid of her pacifier. >> good-bye, pacifier. >> see the moment she started to have second thoughts. >> wait a minute. what have i don't? >> men answer what's secretly sexy about women? >> pushed to one side. >> see if the men of "rtm" agree. >> not for everyone. but di do like it. >> when the earth wants to put on a cool show it sure does. this is aerial footage shot by reid timber, he got on a helicopter to record some of the damage caused by a storm and coincided with 4.5 earthquake that happened. look at these spectacular images of this lava flow. >> almost looks like a
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smoldering campfire. you see the embers and the fog just sort of looks like smoke a little bit, but all of that coming together. >> fresh lava you're looking at, brand new. >> reminder to us that the earth is always changing, even if isn't small little increments, not creating a continental shift. but that has changed the map of the planet a little bit. >> short and sweet but cool, cut in norway, on a rainy day. >> was that two strikes in the same place? >> looked like three different ones, but just the angle and the performance, of the strike as it went through the sky to hit the mountain in front of us, amazing. >> zeus whipping out the taser. >> ice bucket challenge you cannot escape it. everyone's doing it, even people of the super human kind. like phoenix jones. remember phoenix jones, real-life superhero.
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>> meet phoenix jones, self-proclaimed defender of seattle. >> i'm phoenix jones, just like everyone else. >> is phoenix jones in his superhero garb. >> everything you do, i can do it better. so in order to win, i'm going to donate $100 and do the ice bucket challenge for lou gehrig's disease. >> donate a hundred, awesome, do the ice buckle challenge, awesome. one step further. >> i'm going to get tased, attempt to fight the tase, not fall into a second bucket of ridiculously cold ice water. could he get electrocute sfld. >> we'll get to that, good question. toughest part was breaking up the ice. >> wow, that's going to be painful. >> needs a sidekick named ice pick. >> or just an ice pick. >> don't drop it. ♪
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>> i'm good. >> wondering, could he get electrocuted? we have an answer. the electrooutput will not be transferred to one person to another if they taser. the president has been tasered while standing in water to emphasize this point, you don't. >> i wonder if he was before the challenge. >> roger frisch is a concert master with the minnesota orchestra and this is how he sounds when he plays today. ♪ he's world renowned, very talented. but back in 2009, he noticed that he had a tremer. >> when i would draw my bow i had a shake in my bow where your career depends on the stability
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of your appendages, this was a great concern. >> so he went to the mayo clinic. they diagnosed him saying he had essential tremor nervous system disorder. they decided he needed dbs, deep brain stimulation, they needed to place electrodes in his brain. while doing that they realized he needed to be playing a violin while they were doing brain surgery. and they were able to do that. >> trying to figure out when he had a steady hand. >> where to place the electrodes in order to treat the tremor. they got him a violin and a bow. >> designed to attach to the bone so as mr. frisch was playing we could see a plot on a couter scree o move ment that really shouldn't be there. >> wow. >> that's crazy. >> they said it wasn't guaranteed to work, but guess what? three weeks later, he was back to work. >> when they did the surgery, he was outfitted with a stimulator and the stimulator he could turn
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on and off and shows what happens hen he turns the stimulator off and tries to play. >> that's as loose of a beau i can play. >> i cannot believe he turns it on. why would you want to turn it off? >> he doesn't need to turn it on or off. five years later after the surgery, he doesn't have a tremor anymore. the tremor's nonexistent. ♪ moscow nightclub was booming but it wasn't because of the music. these guys stormed into the artist nightclub. see the bouncer winces, starts to run away, handguns run into the club, firing into the ceiling of the nightclub. they all look like they have no clue what they're doing. they're kind of rambling around, fire their weapons, nobody thankfully was hit. late in the video you see a crowd of people in the nightclub. they escaped through a back d .
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door. this may have stemmed through an earlier shoot, some retaliation. >> good thing there was a back entrance. >> authorities say they arrested at least five gunmen. footage from the home of an elderly woman in the united kingdom. two guys with masks walk into her garden. there's a third man believed to be lookout, these are burglars. you see them start to pick up rocks and smashing her windows. when the rocks don't work -- she's got a beautiful garden -- they turn to that. they pick up a large garden ornament, smash that through the window. >> what? >> they kick down the doors and windows. they do make their way into this woman's house, stealing jewelry. thankfully the elderly woman was not home at the time. her son says it's terrible, she's lived there for 50 years and never had any kind of trouble like this. >> reports say the womawoman's g throughler collection. >> how would they feel if somebody terrorized their
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grandmother's things like that, jerk. >> car motorcycle crash and the rider's jacket turns into air bags quick. >> i less than a second. >> like millie second. >> see how it works next. big band competition. one guy loses his drum. >> he does not miss a step. >> still drumming along. >> saves the musical day on "right this minute." female announcer: when you see this truck,
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marching band musicians, ultimate multitaskers, right? got it know the song, know your instrument, know the formation, wearing the suits. this one here knows. >> has to walk. >> a lot of stuff. check it out. carolina crown, marching band, performing at drum corps world international finals. the this is at lucas oil stadium. brian hall one of the snare drum musicians. watch this. see what happens? >> drops a drum. >> drops his drum. guess what? the show must go on. you can't go back and break formation. look at this guy. that guy picks it up. that dude, allen christianson, he's a judge at this competition. now has to chase brian down. >> he does not miss a step. ♪ >> brian hall was wearing a gopro during this. you can see the guy almost trips over it. >> sticks, drumsticks moving. >> these drums rest on your
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harness. so it's not crazy that this would happen, unfortunately it happened during competition. >> his snare drum case loose at the last note. barely fitting in the hook. reaction to keep marching because muscle memory had taken over. i remember seeing allen pick up my drum and hearing him yell, yo to my left. he was on my lefte perfe positi grab and hook it on the carrier before a huge move. good move from allen, because he's a judge. i imagine he didn't have to do this. this is probably an ability of kindness. air bag technology's been around for years and it's nothing new in cars. our cars have 9, 10, 15 air bags now. but it's relatively new to the world of motorcycles and this is a brand-new innovation with the
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manufacturer. the motorcycle talks to your apparel. you can see here in the slow motion videos the jacket has a built-in air bag in front and in back, protections your chest from impact. also protects your spine from impact. dramatically reducing amount of damage if you are in an impact. but the key point of this is, the bike and the apparel communicate with each other. sold together. so if there is an impact, the bike senses that impact and channels that information up to the jacket and deploys the air bag on your jacket. >> wow. look at that. >> wirelessly. >> less than a second. >> yeah, like milliseconds. >> you know what? this is when you say, why didn't we think of this sooner? we needed technology. still, why didn't we think of it sooner? >> something thought of for a while. right, the technology just now catching up with everything. also available for a passenger as well.
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>> good idea. air bag on your bike does you no good when your bikes here and you're in an accident and end up 30 feet over there. >> this, i hope, becomes general use. a really good chance this video, though it's sweet and nice, is going to make you cry. >> say buh-bye to your passy. >> 17-month-old cora. her mom and dad decided it was time to say good-bye to her pacifiers. >> you're a big girl now. don't need it anymore. >> tied it to balloons. little cora saying good-bye to a pacifier. >> let it go. ♪ i will remember you >> they start playing "i will remember you" watch what she does before she lets it it go. she puts it in her mouth, holding on to it with her mouth but does let go. >> say buh-bye. say buh-bye. bye-bye passy.
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>> she's like, okay, good-bye pacifier. just a little while later she takes off. wait, never mine, that's not what i thought was going to happen. >> wait a minute, what have i don't? >> bye-bye passy, i'm a big girl now. >> he reassures she's a big girl. >> wonder how bedtime night went when it sunk in it was gone. >> it was difficult for a few days but she's fine. >> got to get rid of it at some point. that's more ceremonious than throwing it in the trash. >> she was part of. she got to let go of her own pacifier instead of it suddenly going missing. >> right. now afraid of balloons fort rest of her life. >> balloons mean lost. >> a trapped hummingbird and its rescue time. >> the bird's caught single handed. >> what? >> see the rescue next "right this minute." still to come -- men talking about what secretly makes a woman sexy.
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>> the shorts, high waisted short. not for everyone. >> see what you think is sexy, next. >> oh my gosh. >> whoa! >> it's like a photo shoot. here you go. >> the whale supermodel already for its close-up. see how close it gets on "right this minute." f us. evevenen g garary y heh. [a[apppplalaususe]e] beberorocccca a hahas s guguarae to support mental sharpness. ohoh y yeaeah!h! eaearlrly y momornrnining ? no problem. [applause] plplusus, , beberorocccca a haho support physical energy. some assemblbly y rereququi? awawwwww. . chchererisisheh. [a[awwwwwwwwwwww]] i'i'm m brbriningigingng d do! [a[apppplalaususe.e. l laua] twtwo o ththiningsgs. . ono. beberoroccccaaaaaaaaaaa
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>> closed captioning provided by --
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no guarantees in life, none at all, especially if you pay for a tour to see some whales. you're not guaranteed you're going to see anything. >> cing to seelook. >> an eyeful on this day near prince rupert off the coast of british columbia, can dap a humped back whale that's hanging out and saying, take a picture. >> it's going to blow. i'm my gosh. >> whoa! whoa! that's amazing!
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>> take lot of pictures because i'm going to stay around for an hour. the humpback, the tour operator noticed the humpback sleeping in the water. so they shut the engines off and just let the boat coast up. the whale woke up, didn't run away, didn't swim away. just sat there and entertained these people for a long time. >> waking up like, oh, hello, what's up? >> the humped back stays close to the boat. a couple of moments it looks like it's going to hit the boat. but they were surprised at remarkable body control the huge animal has. it got within inches of the boat and they could have reached out and touched the whale but nobody did, nobody touched the whale. >> the like a photo shoot, everybody got a snap shot, okay. >> everybody got their money's worth. >> there he is. >> oh, wow. >> owning thunder one adventure tours, doing these tours for nine years, never seen anything like this.
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>> just a superfriendly whale. playing hide and seek. big sweaters. regular eyebrows. >> freckles. >> a buzzfeed video what secretly sexy about women in they have some guys share their ideas. >> pushed to the side, when it's all like to one side. >> i don't think the earlobes get fluff credit. >> i can see just her back. >> not a fan of feet. when a girl has pretty feet i'm like wow. >> glasses. >> when my girl puts on her glasses, i'm like oh. >> the hair. >> i don't want you to look like a mannequin. i want you to be your own mannequin.
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>> going to or coming from yoga a plus. >> high waisted shorts. >> like that. >> not for everyone. >> but i do like them. >> i like chap stick more than lipstick. super classy, sexually confident. i don't care what people see, it's mine, they can't have it. >> wearing rain boots. >> curious george rain boots, it's funny. like romping around in a puddle. >> in a sundress, it's beautiful. she's not wearing anything else underneath. >> love the sundress, hate the maxidress. >> comfortable. >> long -- >> they look like curtains. huge and long and can't see anything about the shape of the woman. >> it's form fitting. >> no, a big like giant sock. >> flirtation in a piece of cloth. >> love a girl who has witty comebacks. >> love it. >> when women give me a hard time. >> dudes are right. nobody likes somebody who is too nice. >> you want to be yelled at you
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don't want a pushover, you don't want a wet rag as a girlfriend. >> i need a girl equally to me. i love a girl independent. >> they are different than the typical blue eyes, little waisting big boobs, big butt. >> please make a decision where you want to eat no matter what. >> i don't need her waiting for me to make things work. too much to be done. >> look at your tires. >> [ bleep ] the tire thief prank. >> you get something after this prank is done. >> see what they get next on "right this minute." >> oh! love that.
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lightly touched the tops. looks like some tired thieves here car owner catches thieves in the act, runs over. they're not stealing the tire. the tire's on the car. >> well-known prank sfers teres
3:27 pm
on youtube. and it sucks to be pranky. this time, not too much. >> look at your tire. >> [ bleep ]. >> [ bleep ]. >> it doesn't even mat, it's not your tire at all. >> [ bleep ]. >> the dude's mad. >> still mad though he knows it's a prank. you get something after the prank is done. >> a gift card. get yourself all new tires, bro. >> oh. cool. >> i love that. >> number two, guy and girl. >> [ bleep ]. come on. come on. go, go, go. >> [ bleep ]. don't tell them. >> right now -- >> he notices it early. she's like the aggressor going after the dude. >> look, look. i got a gift card for you guys to get all new tires. >> thank you. >> tires are expensive. you can see why they're so mad. >> dudes love pushing the
3:28 pm
envelope. here with the police cruiser. >> no they didn't. >> stop! drop the tire. put your hands up. what the hell's going on here. >> pranks. we're shooting a video, honestly. >> he's got a camera? >> yeah, it's just a joke. look. >> you guys -- are you guys [ bleep ] nuts? >> the answer to the officer's question, yes, they are nuts. >> that's it for "right this minute." see you next time, everybody.
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hello, everybody i'm beth troutman. we're going to help your week get started with great videos "right this minute." he makes it look as easy as falling off a cliff. but -- >> look what happened. he spins around. >> see a b.a.s.e jumper's you turn into the tree tops. a garbage truck rams a tow truck to form -- >> a giant taco swallowing up the car. >> the story that's more than a double bummer crazy. >> five squirrels make for one